Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog

My favorite movie from year 1997. Wag the Dog, which I free even refuse to compare with all other ones from comedy, is the masterpiece Wag the Dog literally has everything. A movie you can watch online with your friends or random group of people, and everyone will enjoy it. I could describe it like a magical trip to some of the happiest moments of my childhood. I didn't expected anything from that movie before and it blown my mind. The special effects, action and characters give this movie higher note. ...Seriously, I want to watch this movie online again. It was absolutely good! I couldn't believe such a big website has no Wag the Dog in their database, so I added it so everyone now can see it on StreamHou.se costless. All I can do now is invite you to watch this amazing movie online here.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Actors: Dustin Hoffman, Denis Leary, Kirsten Dunst, John Michael Higgins, Anne Heche, Robert De Niro, William H. Macy, Willie Nelson, Andrea Martin, Suzie Plakson

Directors: Barry Levinson

Country: United States

Production: Baltimore Pictures, New Line Cinema, Punch Productions

Quality: HD

Release: 1997

IMDb: 7,7

Views: 100