The Second Coming

The Second Coming

The Second Coming for me is the greatest movies realesed in fantasy genre. I will grant that my expectations were very low before seeing it... These days, new movie that come to cinema's, does not have 'something' that is hidden in this movie I re-watched the beginning last night and kept saying I'll watch only one more scene until I was over an hour into it. I forgot how good that movie is. Everytime I watch this movie online, I really enjoy the music, it is just pure soul of that movie. The amount of details and little aspects of the movie that you can find years later is really amazing. You don't need to be a fantasy fan to enjoy it I uploaded it here, so everyone can see it on StreamHou.se without any cost. Now get a beer or weed and something to eat and relax with this movie.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Actors: Joey Leong, Donald Li, Yat Long Don Li

Directors: Ng Tin Chi, Herman Yau

Country: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

Production: Imagine Nation Films, Scout Pictures

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7,5

Duration: 88 min

Views: 17